Thinking of buying a pre-owned van for your #vanlife venture? Then check out our guide to getting your van conversion ready. 1

How To Get Your Van Conversion Ready

Many of us tackling a van conversion – or thinking about it – aren’t willing to shell out for a shiny, brand new van straight from the manufacturer. If you are then we’re not going to pretend we aren’t a little bit envious of you. The truth is, most of us are buying pre-owned, which means buying all the shelving, rust, paneling and filth that comes with it.

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7 Of New Zealand’s Most Breathtaking Low Cost Campsites

With a mixture of stunning landscapes and world class outdoor adventure activities New Zealand finds itself on the bucket list of many travellers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. These rolling hills and crystal clear waters have made New Zealand one of our favourite destinations.

Thinking about turning a van into a home on wheels? Check out our tips on choosing a van that's right for you. 11

How to Choose the Perfect Van for Your Conversion

It’s no surprise choosing the right van is an essential part of making conversion plans. It’s a huge decision. Making the wrong choice could potentially make or break your project, but we’re not here to tell you which van you should buy. Instead we’ll cover everything you’ll want to consider when making a choice that’s right for you.

Thinking about making the #vanlife transition? Check out our practical advice for anyone considering becoming a vandweller. 16

Practical Advice For Anyone Considering Van Life

An early morning yoga session, deeply inhaling the fragrant scent of fresh pine followed by a short hike over earthy, volcanic terrain. A late afternoon swim in sun warmed pristine, glacial fed lakes accompanied by a campfire dinner as the sun sets over great snow topped ridges.